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Chewing and Losing Weight

Visislim LINE chewing gum – the sweetest and most fun way to lose weight. Chew and become thinner – that is what Visislim LINE chewing gum is all about. Nice and easy.

Fat Burning

Visislim LINE tastes and looks just like a normal chewing gum. The special thing about it, however, is in the inside – in its ingredients. There are two active ingredients in it – guarana and green tea extract. They decompose and burn excessive body fats. The action of those two ingredients is focused on the problem zones – thighs, waist and hips. Visislim LINE chewing gum is a great addition to a slimming program with Visislim LIGHT, Visislim LINE (capsules) and Visislim FITNESS. Such a combination ensures long-lasting and healthy weight reduction

Chewing gum is the perfect product for long-term support of normal bodyweight.

Healthy Teeth

Visislim LINE chewing gum does not contain sugar. It helps reduce tooth demineralization and lower the acidity of tooth plaque. That also reduces the risk of tooth decay.

How to Take Visislim LINE Chewing Gum?

Separately, for weight loss: 2 dragees 3 times a day after main meals. The beneficial effect is achieved by chewing 2-3 grams of sugar-free gum for a period of 20 minutes at least three times a day after meals.

Separately, for sustaining normal bodyweight: 1–3 pieces of chewing gum daily.

When combined with other Visislim products: 1–3 pieces of chewing gum daily.

Contraindications: Excessive consumption can lead to a laxative effect! Not recommended for kids, pregnant and breast-feeding women.