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Stylist Kapanov: Two Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair loss, thin and weakened hair… a nightmare! My hair looks like “straw”! This happens to everyone’s hair – when seasons change, due to harmful UV rays, because of dying, excessive use of hair dryer, and also as a result of all other treatments.
We asked a renowned expert – stylist Kapanov – about his opinion on the matter.

Hello, Mr. Kapanov! Thank you for finding the time for this interview. What causes greater damage to hair – nature or fashion?

Well, the question is not quite accurate. (He smiles). We cannot blame just one thing for damaging our hair. It is all a matter of proper care.

Do you think that we could successfully fight hair loss, as well as thin and weak hair?

Yes, of course. There are two simple rules that have to be followed: buy only high quality hair care products and use only the services of qualified hairdressers. Special attention has to be paid on hair nurturing and health.

What do you recommend to your customers – in “Stylist Kapanov” beauty salons?

Every person’s hair is different, so the decision has to be taken by the expert whom you have decided to trust. In general, a pretty hairstyle is made out of healthy hair.

Last September I visited the prestigious seminar “Intercoiffure” in Paris, France. There I had a chance to discuss with my colleagues from all over the world the new possibilities for hair nurturing from within. The proper dietary supplements are very important if you want to have healthy and good looking hair. In Paris I also found out about a new, high quality product for skin, nails and hair hydration and nourishment. Later I realized that it is available in other countries too – under the brand name Visislim BEAUTY (or Vitaslim BEAUTY).

What is Its Purpose?

This is a unique complex of oils, vitamins and antioxidants, nurturing hair from within so that it looks good from the outside*. We highly recommend it to people with damaged hair. The product strengthens the hair roots, so it also fights dandruff and hair loss. Through my experience I have realized that the hair growth of people, who take Visislim BEAUTY on a regular basis, is quite faster. Visislim BEAUTY is beneficial also for skin and nails. It protects hair, skin and nails from the harmful UV rays. Of course, results do not come overnight – the product has to be taken for at least 3 months.

As a matter of fact, the Visislim products are one of the most preferred by our customers. Lots of my colleagues take them too. Visislim BEAUTY has proven itself and has won our trust – mine and my colleagues’.

Krastio Kapanov, known as stylist Kapanov, is a world famous Bulgarian hairstylist. He is the chairman of Intercoiffure mondial for Eastern Europe and a member of Haute couture francaise. He has trained over 2000 students from different countries – some of them from France, Germany and USA.

*The results are individual and may vary