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How Does Joanna Keep Fit?

The charming Deep Zone ex-vocalist Joanna is one of the most talked about Bulgarian singers – not only because her participation at Eurovision, but also due to her great appearance.

She has been very active lately – along with the release of her first single “Nothing accidental”, she has been ceaselessly performing at the stages of music clubs all over Bulgaria. We asked her how she manages to look so good despite her busy schedule.

Joanna, how do you deal with the stress of being famous?

Just like every popular person, I am also severely criticized about my appearance. My styling and figure are discussed very often. It is not easy, and I always want to be in shape – as one of the most important things in show business is to look good. I have now found a way to be happy with myself, with the needed self esteem, and confidence in the way I look and feel.

How do you manage to achieve what every woman wants?

In my opinion, beauty care should not be limited only to high quality cosmetic products – they certainly are important, but only for the look from the outside. Food and lifestyle are the two crucial factors for a woman to look good and to feel comfortable in her own body. My colleagues told me about the French nutricosmetic product Visislim LINE. The combination of its beneficial ingredients is a whole new approach to beauty care.  As far as I am concerned, this is the ideal product to keep fit, look good, and be in good shape. My daily routine is very busy, and I need to be in shape all the time. My schedule is usually full, and I need a lot of energy – as my working day very often ends very late at night.

I am very skeptical towards to the slimming diets that are modern now. They really lead to weight loss, but make you feel weak and tired. Visislim LINE keeps me vital and energetic* – I am perfectly capable of dealing with the everyday challenges!

How Long Have You Been Taking Visislim LINE?

I have been taking it for about a month now. I spent a lot of time choosing the right product, and I am really happy I found Visislim LINE. I liked the idea, and now that I’ve tried it, I know that it works! I think that everyone can see the results I have achieved!

Joanna Dark, whose real name is Joanna, became popular in 2008 with her song “DJ, Take me Away”. She performed the song at the prestigious music contest “Eurovision”. Together with the Deep Zone band she has performed in clubs in England, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Malta, Romania, Serbia and Cyprus.

*The results are individual and may vary