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Teddy Shapes Up Her Body in the Gym

There have been lots of rumors about Teddy Katsarova ever since she and her husband Max are no longer together. The latest gossip is that the talented singer has been hiding something. She has been seen working out at the gym, which has raised many questions. Here is what she said about that:

Hello, Teddy! Thank you for finding time for this interview. Did you hear the rumor that you have been losing weight secretly?

Hahahaha... Yes, I heard that. I think it all started from a comment on one of my Facebook pictures.

Is that true anyways?

The truth is that any woman, no matter if she is single, married or in a romantic relationship, has to take care of her appearance. And as I bear the name Katsarova, and I am often in the spotlight, I have to make sure I look good 24/7. And yes – people talk... I was even told that I have become better looking than ever – they even asked me whether I was hiding something...

Well, that certainly is true – you look amazing. What is your secret?

The secret of beauty is actually not mine. Every woman knows it. It is based on the care of ourselves and our good health. There is a saying that only a healthy man can be good looking. I myself, for example, try to keep my figure in the healthiest way. About a year ago, a family friend of ours – a doctor from Germany – recommended to my mother the Visislim weight loss products. She assured her that they were completely natural and did not irritate the stomach. My mom started using the combination of Visislim LIGHT + Visislim LINE. When I saw her results, I immediately started taking them too – as sensational as that may sound. I exercise a lot, so I preferred Visislim FITNESS for myself. It contains only extra pure L-carnitine, speeds up fat burning and shapes up firm and good looking body. With not too much effort I lost 4 kg in 2 months*.  I reached the body weight which is perfect for me – my body is toned and I am in great shape!

By the way, it is very good that high quality dietary supplements are already sold on the market. In Western Europe they have been available for many years now, and the people there are well aware of this natural way of beauty and health maintenance.

Teddy Katsarova is a successful young dancer and singer – very popular in Finland. She has been on music stages all over the world since she was 18, and has had concerts in Indonesia, Cuba, Turkey and many other countries.

*The results are individual and may vary