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Sylvia Loses Weight Mysteriously

Hello, Sylvia. You look stunning!

Thank you! I feel very good really.

We recently read in the newspapers that you lost weight surprisingly…

Hahaha... yes, I read about that too. I have really lost weight and the evil tongues started speculating about that. (She laughs.)

Have you ever had overweight issues?

Yes – just like every normal woman – particularly at my age. I gained a lot of weight after I turned 45. You know that lots of changes occur in the woman’s body then. I had gained 12 kg due to the hormonal therapy. I felt depressed and my self esteem was low. Every woman wants to look good and to be the most beautiful lady in the eyes of her friend or husband.

You really look amazing – what is your secret?

Thank you again. You want me to disclose my secret love? (She laughs.) The truth is that when I noticed how steadily I was gaining weight, I decided to do something about it. I tried lots of different things – dieting, slimming products, exhausting physical exercise at the gym... and nothing! I only caused myself stomach problems. I was desperate when a friend of mine – a doctor from Germany, recommended me the Visislim line of products. She explained that they were completely natural and harmless, and would not irritate my stomach.

As a result of her recommendation, I bought Visislim LINE and Visislim LIGHT, and started combining them. I spent the summer in my house in the country, and when I returned, I received lots of complements. Everybody was saying how slim I had become. (She laughs.) As a matter of fact, I have lost 8 kg* in 6 months, and it is not easy to lose weight at my age. What I now achieve for one or two months, I used to achieve for a week when I was younger. Now, however, all the clothes I buy look good on me. I feel young again.

I found out that many of my colleague singers also take Visislim. Hahahahaha... Obviously, we share the same secret for slim waist and elegant figure.

Sylvia Katsarova is a popular pop-rock singer. She became famous in Scandinavia and Western Europe in the late ‘80s – as a lead vocalist of LZ –a band that did a lot of tours in that period.

*The results are individual and may vary