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“Miss Universe” 2007 Loses Weight

Missis Universe 2007 – Eleonora Mancheva – is famous for not being a fan of diet restrictions. Lately, however, she has been seen taking slimming capsules, which awakened many people’s curiosity. The third most beautiful football wife in the world admitted that she really sought help for hunger suppression and weight loss, which happened for the first time in her life.

She told us that it is not just about drinking some capsules – she has chosen a French nutricosmetic product, which she is aware of from her stay in France. She has now decided to test the popular French formula for appetite suppression and weight loss herself. Furthermore, the high quality French products, manufactured as per the Licaps® technology by Capsugel, are now sold on the market – under the brand name Visislim.

For just over a week Eleonora has lost the few extra pounds* she gained in the winter, when she could not play tennis – her favorite sport. Before she decided to use Visislim, the elegant lady had consulted experts, who had assured her of the reliability of the product. They confirmed that the capsules were harmless to the human body, and recommended Visislim LIGHT as the right product for appetite suppression and quick weight loss – when such is necessary. Eleonora is happy that Visislim LIGHT could get her back in shape easily and help her stay fit without the need to deprive herself of her favorite meals.

Eleonora Mancheva is a famous model. She has participated in many contests all over the world, and in 2007 she became “Miss Universe”.

*The results are individual and may vary