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I lost weight despite my illness

Like many of today’s women, and men as well, since my teenage years I began a battle with kilograms. I went through what not – diets, sports, different herbs and pills, and the result was almost none or not lasting.
I have a disease of the thyroid gland also known as Hashimoto. Different medicines increase weight and make losing weight difficult. That is when I discovered that for me the most important thing is to boost my metabolism and gain control over hunger.
I started searching for something that would help me precisely with these problems. Then in a pharmacy I asked for a product which is purchased more than the others and has good reviews. She recommended me Visislim LIGHT as it is for losing weight and has a double action.
I took it in a period of 2 months and lost 6 kilograms.* Trust me this is a lot for me (because of my illness). I am satisfied that I did it without giving up anything, it was all thanks to the product itself I didn’t have the appetite of a wolf. The result was there!

Viktoria Veselinova, 22, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
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