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I lost 40 kilograms without efforts

Hello, friends!
My name is Vassil Genchev and I am from Stara Zagora. A year ago I was 174 kg. I probably tried every weight loss product. I won’t mention their names, as none of them helped me. I made a lot of diets but again no results from them either. Once I managed to lose 5-6 kg with a diet and fitness exercising. It seemed really tough and I gave up trying to lose weight.
I stopped searching for a problem. One day my grandmother called me over to her house. She showed me an article in the newspaper in which a woman told how she lost 10-15 kgs thanks to Visislim. I decided to try. This was my last chance. Visislim was the only thing I hadn’t tried. I took 10 packs of Visislim LIGHT and left for Cyprus the other day.
I started taking the capsules as it said in the manual. Visislim LIGHT suppresses the appetite and it was easier for me to go on a diet. I began going to the gym. Slowly the arrow on the scales began falling. During the first month I lost 11 kg.* In the following months everything was by the familiar scheme – I took the capsules, dieted and went to the gym. For these 10 packs which are equal to 3 and a half months (I took 1 capsule 3 times a day, one hour before meal), I lost 20 kg.* I didn’t stop there. I ordered another 10 packs of Visislim LIGHT. I took them the same way. Their effect was the same and I lost another 20 kg.*

My benefit from them is the 40 kg lost for 7 months and a body which I’m starting to be happy about. I am very satisfied from Visislim LIGHT. I even ordered Visislim LINE and Visislim FITNESS. I take them for 2 weeks and I feel there is a difference. I feel perfect with them as well, and they fit perfectly in my new lifestyle. I now exercise regularly and this does not encumber me.

Vasil Genchev, 21, Cyprus
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