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My Belly is Gone, My Breasts are the Same

Hi! I was pleasantly surprised by Visislim LIGHT – I did not expect such staggering effect…
I took it for about a month and a half – in early summer. I have a small belly, and in the winter I gain a little weight. When I decide to lose weigh – usually in spring – it is not so hard for me to do it. The bad thing is that I lose weight from all parts of my body – even from the ones I don’t want to.
That’s why I can say that the action of Visislim LIGHT was quite a surprise for me. It helped me lose weight only from my belly – my breasts remained just as I like them. I need to mention that I lost 4 kg*.
I find this quite amazing. I have now decided to start taking Visislim BEAUTY, as I am sure that results will be amazing again.

Irena Stoeva, 43, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary