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No More “Shameful” Results

Over the years, I have taken different products and tried lots of weight loss methods. I did manage to achieve some results occasionally, but lost pounds were so easy to gain shortly afterwards – sometimes in 2 weeks, sometimes in 2 months, and there were even cases when I gained more weight than I had lost. I did not take pictures of myself during that period. I will be honest with you – I did not like the way I looked at all. I tried, but I could not do it – I did not want to look fat in my albums.
I saw many ads of Visislim products during that period. I was skeptical, though, as I was lacking both trust and finances. For about a month I was reading each and every post and opinion in the forum of Visislim very carefully. I also paid attention to the answers of the medics who consult people there. All that gave me strong motivation and courage to make the first step in taking Visislim as a healthy weight maintenance product.
I consulted a doctor from the forum. I made my own Visislim LIGHT program. I even compiled a file with the most important materials about Visislim I had read. This was something like “the essence” of my “Visislim program” (I still keep that file!).
I started with a weight of 72.200 kg. I do remember these “shameful” 200 grams. I took Visislim LIGHT 3 times daily – one capsule before meals. As the specialists from Visislim advised me, I did not quit drinking coffee, but I started to drink 2 glasses of water with each cup of coffee. After a month with Vitasim I changed my taste for coffee – I started to drink it black – with no milk or sugar, and I actually like it a lot like that. The “process” came along just as described in the product flyer – quick appetite suppression, “change of conscience”, lack of desire for sweets, self-discipline for intake of enough water, initial loss of centimeters in waist and hips circumferences without an actual weight loss, and then, in 1 month – minus 3 kg*. I realized that the people from Visislim are honest in their ads.
Today I weigh exactly 67.800 kg. I have a box pf Visislim LIGHT on my office desk. I also have a picture of the empty boxes of Visislim which I took. It is something like “my Motivation”. A Decision and a Promise that “this time I will not push it too hard”, “this time I will have enough time for myself in order to obtain steady results” I don’t want a quick and short-lasting result, I don’t want a SHAMEFUL result.

Anna Petrova, 42, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary