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I Lost Staggering 15 Kiograms

Hi! I am 22, and I have always weighed around 60 kg, which is the normal weight for my height. I felt very well, until the time came when I started gaining weight. I gained 20 kg for just a few months. People, who had not seen me for a while, could not recognize me. I have never gained so much weight. I started with dieting – there was some effect, but I could hardly notice it. Then I bought slimming pills, which cost 40 Leva (30 US Dollars) for a package of 30, and I had to take the pills 3 times daily. I just could not afford it, so I did not buy a second package.
One day I saw the Visislim ad on TV. I did not pay too much attention to it, but then I started browsing the Internet, looking for opinions about the product. I was quite impressed with the comments I read. I bought two packages – one Vitasim LIGHT and one Visislim LINE. After the first two weeks I could feel that there was a change in my diet. My appetite was suppressed, so I ate only when I was really hungry.
I have been taking Visislim LIGHT and Visislim LINE for 4 months now, and I managed to lose 15 kg*. I am happy that I am about to get my normal weight back. I recommend Visislim to all girls who want to have the self esteem of fine young ladies.

Lilia Baeva, 22, Rakovsky, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary