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I Feel 18 Again

Hello, I finally decided to share my experience. I gained 13 kg during my second pregnancy, and 8 of them remained after I gave birth. It does not sound like a lot, but I do not feel well when I am that heavy. I read an advertisement of Visislim LIGHT in “Weekned” newspaper, and I decided to try it. I had tried so many products beforehand, and there was no result at all.
I started taking two capsules of Visislim LIGHT before every meal. I could notice the positive effect right after the first package was over – I had lost 4 kg*. I wanted to lose more weight, and I bought a second package. I lowered the dose – 1 capsule before meals, until the package was over. By that time I had taken Visislim LIGHT for a month and a half. I noticed that I had lost 3 more kilograms – which added up to 7 kg altogether*.
When I was taking Visislim LIGHT, my appetite was substantially reduced, and out of a sudden, taste of sweet food and chocolate did not appear pleasant to me. I quit drinking carbonated drinks, and I lost two more kilograms. I now feel like I am 18 again. I am not taking the product any more, and I still have not gained a single pound.

Rositsa Georgieva, 30, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary