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Sexy in the Summer

Summer was knocking at the door, and I felt so fat – I had gained 7-8 kg in the winter, which caused me great discomfort. I ate only vegetables and dairy products with very little bread, but there was almost no result whatsoever till early June.
I was tired of not being able to achieve any positive result, and I had already seen a Visislim LIGHT ad on TV. It aroused my interest, and I read about the capsules in the Internet. I did not know anyone who had experience with the product. Finally, I decided to give it a try, and ordered two packages.
I started taking the product according to the recommendations in the flyer – 3 times a day, an hour before meals. First my appetite was suppressed, and then I started to feel that I was losing weight. I took Visislim LIGHT all summer long (till late September), and the results were quite obvious. I had lost weight without any efforts whatsoever*!
What I find even more amazing is that the product affected not only my weight, but it changed my appearance – I have the feeling that my skin became much healthier. I am amazed of the positive effect. I take the product for three months, after that I make a one-month pause, and start over again – for another three months. I intend to keep taking the product – it really works.

Sheanna Foteva, 23, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary