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I Am Back on Track after My Pregnancy

Hello to all mommies – the ones that already have had kids, and those who are still to give birth! Four years ago I gave birth to my lovely son – Ludmil. I felt the magic of being a mother. I rediscover the world with him, we enjoy the small things together, and overcome life’s difficulties.
There was, however, something that did not allow me to be completely happy as a woman. I gained around 8 kg during the pregnancy – most noticeable on hips and waist. I was told that I will get back my good shape after the baby started walking, as I was going to have to run around with him. This did not happen, and that is when it became very hard for me. I did not want my overweight issues to prevent me from paying attention to my family.
I tried so many different things. The results from the slimming diets were unsatisfactory. I asked many pharmacists in Bourgas about an advice, and I even received products from out of Bulgaria. Nothing! Finally, 2 months ago, a friend of mine told me that she was going to start taking Visislim LIGHT. I started too – just like that - after all the difficulties I had met.
I have lost 5 kg so far*. I also started to take Visislim LIGHT along with Visislim LINE, and I also ride a stationary bike – to shape up the “problem zones”. I wish success to all ladies in our battle against overweight!

Petya Ludmilova, 27, Bourgas, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary