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I Lost 10-15 cm of My Waist Circumference

My name is Bobby. In 2008 I returned back from Spain, and I had put on a lot of weight for the 6 years I had spent there. Just before I came back I quit smoking, which affected my weight badly. I had become very heavy – 78-79 kg.
In the summer of 2009 I was unemployed, and I was looking for a job. I felt depressed. In September 2009 I got a job in a small shop for baby’s clothes and toys.
Last year I found out about Visislim from a friend, and I thought to myself that this could work out well for me – as I am not much into sports and exercising. I bought the product that burns fats in problem zones – Visislim LINE.
At the pharmacy I was told that I could not expect any effect from only one package. I was patient enough to take the product for almost 3 months. Effect did not come overnight, but I started to feel positive changes after the first 10 days. My waist and hips circumferences were reduced by 10-15 cm, and I lost 5 kg*. I am still managing to keep the weight I obtained, and I am very happy about that also.

Boyka (Bobby) Hristova, 39, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary