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I Lost Weight and I Am Healthy

Hello to all of you who consider weight loss a way to be healthy!
A while ago I did some medical examinations, and the results were terrifying – I had high blood sugar, high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, and hearth issues. All these problems caused my feet to swell, I was short of breath, and had heart pain. The doctors’ conclusion was that I had to lose weight. I weighed 108 kg back then – I had never been heavier – even during my two pregnancies.
I started to go to the gym, but as I was short of time, I quit that after the first three visits. I ordered some slimming tea, I paid 90 Leva (60 US Dollars) for it, I was drinking it for a while (it tasted awful), but I still could not lose any weight whatsoever.
I started to look for another solution in the Internet. I read an article about Visislim LIGHT. I ordered 2 packages, and I started taking 2 capsules before each meal daily. There was no change in the first 2-3 days. After that, however, I lost appetite, a little food was enough to make me feel full, and I did not wake up in the middle of the night to eat sweet foods any more. I just did not feel like eating anything sweet!
By the time the third package was over, I had lost 12 kg.* My legs do not swell any more, I have no heart pain, and I am capable of climbing the stairs to the 10th floor without shortness of breath. Visislim LIGHT helped me, and it came just in time. I am now taking my fourth package, and I keep on my fight to stay healthy.

Violeta Dimitrova, 41, Sofia, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary