People About Vitaslim

Now I Laugh at the Scale

I have tried many slimming products. Each pill I took made me feel worse, weaker, and fatter... I was skeptical towards Visislim LIGHT – as I am sure all of you were or still are. I said to myself: “There would be some effect at the beginning, and in 3-4 months I would be just where I had started”. But what have I got to lose…let me try this product.”
How wrong I was! Visislim LIGHT appeared to be an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. I started to feel the difference during the first week – I was energetic, did not get tired, and smiled more. The scale did not laugh at me any more – I laughed at it. The extra pounds were disappearing – slowly but steadily. I started going to the gym, which helped me burn fats faster. The big result came at the 45th day of the intake of Visislim – I had lost 7 kg*, I was smiling, and from the way men started to look at me I realized that I had become quite attractive.
To those, who are still skeptical, I can say: try the product – the only thing you will lose is your overweight. Sooner or later, we will all realize that slimming products need to be of high quality.

Rositsa Todorova, 24, Yambol, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary