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I Can See the Difference „Before” and „After”

I have been fighting overweight for years, and I am happy that I found Visislim LIGHT. Before I got pregnant, I managed to lose 14-15 kg with the help of a popular slimming diet. As a result, however, I started to feel bad, and it appeared that I had caused myself health problems. After I gave birth, I lost no weight for 5 months – on the contrary – I gained more.  The prospective of being fat again frightened me.
That is when I took the decision to try Visislim LIGHT. My problem was that I ate out of boredom and stress. Therefore, appetite suppression and quick and efficient weight loss were the magic words, which convinced me to buy it. Apart from that, the products were recommended to a friend of mine by a doctor. Even though she had been taking the product for a little while, and I still could not see any changes in her, I decided to try it.
I started taking the product along with some physical exercise – riding a stationary bicycle at home. I also used some of the tips of the slimming diet I had lost weight with before. Of course, I tried to drink more water and gave up bread and pastry. That is how I managed to obtain my looks – I have attached pictures of “before” and “after” the weight loss. I stopped taking the pills in October, and I have gained back only 3 kg ever since. I think that 3 kg is next to nothing – compared to the 16 kg* I lost.

Ivelina Krasteva, 30, Byala, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary