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Leg Pains Disappeared

I gained a lot of weight in the winter – in fact I became heavier than ever. That’s why I decided that I needed to lose weight immediately. My working day is long – 10-11 hours – and my obesity was a significant problem. I started to feel pains in my legs. I was exhausted and could not do my job well. May be 62 kg are not a problem for some people, but for me it was a nightmare to be that heavy. I visited the web site of Visislim and read the information about their products very carefully. I had heard of it before – most of all from the Internet and Facebook in particular. I decided that Visislim FITNESS was suitable for me with regards to my daily physical exertion, and Visilife Health suited me well as far as my age was concerned.
I took two packages of Visislim FITNESS and 1 package of Visilife Health. For about a month now I haven’t been taking any of the products, but I keep losing weight. I am now 55 kg.* My leg pains started to subside on the first week of the products intake, and I started to feel stronger and more energetic.
I am thankful that I found these products for myself, and I really hope that other women will feel the way I do – young, beautiful, healthy and energetic.

Rumiana Hristova, 48, Chios Island, Greece

*The results are individual and may vary