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I Lost 12 Kilograms without a Yo-Yo Effect

I wanted to lose a few pounds. I browsed the Internet, and I chose Visislim LIGHT because it had the effect I was looking for – appetite suppression. I started talking it in the beginning of the year. For 2 months I achieved amazing results – I lost 8 kg and felt lively and energetic. However, I had to leave the country and had to interrupt the recommended 3-month program.
I started taking Visislim LIGHT again in the beginning of June. I lost 4 kg for one month*. It was amazing how my appetite was reduced and my clothes were becoming too big for my new figure. I am now determined to do the full 3-month program in order to achieve even better results. I have been combining Visislim LIGHT with Visislim LINE for a few days now.
The most amazing thing was that I maintained the weight I had achieved during the 3 months without Visislim, and there was no yo-yo effect whatsoever. Slimming, of course, is not a magic – it is a methodical process. I reduced sugar and pastry, believed in Visislim and myself, and I am now very happy about that. You can do it too!

Lybomira Lybenova 21, Vidin, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary