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I Lost More Weight Than I Had Gained

A year ago I weighed 58-60 kg. I am 1.72 m tall. I and my fiancé decided to go to England in the autumn, where I gained 10-12 kg for 7 months. After we returned back to Bulgaria, I decided to order the slimming Visislim products right away.
I had seen a TV ad – I do not remember on which channel, but I was impressed by the fact that the product controls hunger. I was aware that my major problem was my appetite, and I knew that this product was what I needed. I saw another product for weight loss in problem zones I had not heard about until then – Visislim LINE. I decided to combine Visislim LIGHT and Visislim LINE. I took measures because I did not want to look the way I did then – I wanted my weight from before we went to England.
Due to this combination, I managed to lose 13 kg in 2 months*, which is more than I had gained. I am now much happier than before, I am cheerful and in perfect shape. I thank the company which imports Visislim in Bulgaria, and I recommend the products to all who still hesitate.

Iglika Avdzhieva, 20, Aksakovo, Bulgaria

*The results are individual and may vary