People About Vitaslim

I Lost Weight in a Healthy Way

I have never been overweight, and I do not eat a lot. For a few years now, however, I have been treated with corticosteroids, and I gained weight – particularly in my neck and stomach. I read in the newspapers about the Visislim products, and I decided to try them. Nevertheless I am very skeptical about widely advertised products, I decided to take Visislim LINE for one month. I consulted an expert on one of the telephone numbers they gave, and on the 18th of March 2011 I started taking Visislim LINE three times daily. After the first 10 days I realized that I had lost more than 1 kg, and after the first month I had no doubts about the products – I had lost 4 kg. I keep on eating normally, without significant changes in my diet. I try not to eat sugar and I have dinner before 7.00 in the evening.
I have lost 7 kg* so far, and I feel a lot better. I have an incentive to keep on taking the product until I reach the desired weight. The best thing about Visislim is that it fights overweight, which is a side effect of medication the intake of which I could not stop.

Georgy Yanev, 53, Sofia

*The results are individual and may vary