Visislim is Brand No1 again

For a second consecutive year Visislim (Visislim is owned by Vitaslim Ltd.) was awarded „The Best Brand” in „Health and Beauty” category at the yearly Best Brand Awards. The presentation of the newest product of the brand – Visislim LADY – was met with roaring ovations.

All people present at the event were thrilled by the appearance of the charming singer DesiSlava. The blonde with velvet voice and the most beautiful breasts admitted that she has included Visislim LADY in her daily breast care. „I have been using this natural product for not very long now, but I am really happy with the results. I can definitely recommend it to all ladies because it is fantastic”, admitted DesiSlava before the cameras.

Visislim was awarded „The Best Brand” in „Health and Beauty” category after a thorough internet research. The leading PR specialists, brand managers and celebrities in the jury have taken into consideration the public importance of the nominated brands, their progressive development and market positions.

The precious plaque was given to Visislim by the famous model and TV host Tzvetelina Razlozhka. Hosts of the ceremony were the sexy model Gerry Doncheva and the TV star Nely Pandilova. Some of the other awarded brands were „France Auto PEUGEOT” in „Automobiles” category, Nordsee in „Food Chain” category, RED BULL in „Energy Drinks” category, and in „Wines” and „Whiskey” categories – respectively „Terra Tangra” and Jameson.