Visislim Made a Dream Come True

28-year old mother of two, July Simeonova from Sofia did the impossible to make her dream come true and showed everyone how it is done. She lost 10 kg and for the first time in her life appeared at a beauty pageant.
Last month the citizen of the capital fulfilled her dream to become a miss. She got rid of the extra 10 kilograms and went to this year’s edition of the prestigious pageant Lady Bulgaria and she fought more than 150 candidates. Her competitors were some of our most famous beauties from the screen and podiums.
“For the first time in my life I managed to participate in a beauty pageant. I wanted to do it for a long time, but couldn’t manage it. Now I’ve done it! The thrill was worth the wait”. This is how the charming citizen of the capital describes his new talent.
The secret to success of the cute petite shone during the forum for healthy nutrition “Because beauty is health”, which was part of the pageant’s program. July revealed her “magic” before the lecturer of the forum – prof. d-r Donka Baykova by saying:
“I lost 10 kilograms for 2 months without strenuous exercise and without hunger – all by taking Visislim LIGHT. It turned out the product is the magic that I needed. It makes me eat less food and this is how I lost weight fast and easy. I feel incredible in my body, my self-esteem is up and now I am a real woman! I am happy that I trusted Visislim LIGHT, because without it I wouldn’t feel the way I do now – like a woman with a beautiful body and spirit!”
The effectiveness of the Visislim products is not a secret for the respected expert in nutrition and dietetics prof. Baykova. She praised Julie for the right choice she made and the incredible results. She wished her success in the pageant and gave her products from the Visislim series for weight loss as a gift.
July’s success did not come late – from the beauty pageant she took the prize Lady Bulgaria STAR. At the moment July is also expressing herself in the music scene with countless appearances and captivating the audience with remarkable live performances.