Pharmacists Recommend Visislim

Visislim LIGHT (Vitaslim LIGHT) is the most frequently recommended by pharmacists slimming product in Bulgaria.  That became clear after a representative survey among over 1000 Bulgarian pharmacists conducted by “Pharma Brand” in June and July 2011. 57% of the pharmacists consider Visislim LIGHT the number one slimming product (in a competition of 13 more competitive brands in the “Slimming products” category).
The results were summarized after all questionnaires filled in by the pharmacists had been thoroughly checked. There were questions in 58 categories altogether.
The pharmacists’ appraisals of the brands were based on their personal experience, their confidence in the products (whether they recommend it to their clients), as well as the feedback from customers they get in their day-to-day work.  
This is the first research of that type ever to be conducted in Bulgaria so far. Its aim was to determine the most preferred dietary supplements and non-prescription medications in the country. The research was conducted with the help of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. Researches of that type are typical for countries that have adopted Good pharmacy practice.