Visislim - Number One Brand of 2011

In 2011 the big brands had a serious reason to celebrate. At the end of October, important people of the business elite were invited to the annual Best Brand Awards.

The achievements of the nominees were evaluated by over 100 celebrities. Some of the nominated companies were bTV, Mercedes-Benz, First Investment Bank, Radisson Blu, Vivacom, Tokuda hospital and many others.

The cocktail evening become particularly interesting when the winner in “Health and Beauty” – Visislim (Visislim is owned by Vitaslim Ltd.) – was awarded. The reason for that was the “golden girl” of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics – Simona Peycheva.  She went on the stage ant took the microphone from the host – as the world champion had an important thing to say to all guests and participants. She shared her experience with one of the Visislim’s newest products – Visislim VITAMINS. Simona showed the orange box of the product to everybody and said: “I was amazed by the qualities of Visislim VITAMINS at the very moment I found out about the product. As an athlete I have tried lots of similar products, but this has been the only effective one so far. I feel lively and full of energy. Visislim VITAMINS are definitely my vitamins!”

The unexpected presentation of Simona aroused the interest of one of the hosts. She said: “Very interesting, I will definitely try it!” All guests were also very interested in the new product. Many celebrities, actors, and winners of beauty contests were invited to the cocktail evening.