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What is Licaps?

LICAPS™ is an innovative technology which allows sealing of liquid fresh pure organic ingredients in hard gelatin capsules without chemical or heat treatment. The technology has been developed and patented by Capsugel and implemented in Capsugel site in Colmar, France. It was founded in 1895 in the United States of America and has vast experience in capsule manufacturing. Capsugel is a Lonza company now.




LICAPS™ is used for production of liquid dietary supplements. The Visislim products in LICAPS™ comply with all current Good Manufacturing Practices, and have a GMP certificate by AFSSAPS (Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé).


The Visislim products in LICAPS™ comply with all requirements for natural and pure products, and contain substantially less embedded substances (fillers) in comparison with tablets.

solvent free
preservative free
gluten free
sugar free
GMO free

All Visislim products in LICAPS™ are produced with gelatin of marine origin, thus satisfying the different consumers’ needs – vegetarianism, different cultural and religious requirements, etc.


Fast Action

Products manufactured as per the LICAPS™ technology have considerably faster action than products in the form of tablets or powder in capsules. This is due to two factors:

1.    After ingestion, gelatin capsules dissolve and release their content quickly.

2.    The active ingredients in LICAPS™ are preliminary dissolved. This speeds up the process of absorption in the body and their action.






Numerous scientific studies have shown that products containing liquid ingredients are better absorbed than products with powder ingredients. This considerably increases the effectiveness of the active substances.




A clinical research, conducted by Capsugel, has proven that the LICAPS™ hard gelatin capsules improve absorption and biological activity of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) by 23% compared to Softgel (soft gelatin capsules).
The Visislim products in LICAPS™ capsules are more effective and do not harm the stomach – they are easily digestible, with no smell and taste.


•    LICAPS™ is a patented technology for sealing of liquids in capsules called LEMS™ (Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing).The unique technology ensures secure sealing which avoids leak of the liquid ingredients and protects them from oxidation and humidification.

•    The LICAPS™ sealing is carried out in a nitrogen environment. The products contain nitrogen bubble which guarantees its durability and good quality.

•    The LICAPS™ capsules protect the ingredients from oxygen and external influences – they reduce oxidation and improve hydro insulation. Deterioration of the ingredients and adverse interactions between them are prevented.

•    After sealing, LICAPS™ capsules could not be reopened and closed. This is a guarantee of fresh, clean and safe products for the consumers.