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The Purest L-carnitine

L-carnitine in Visislim FITNESS is produced by the Swiss company Lonza – the most respected manufacturer of 100% pure L-carnitine (Visislim FITNESS does not contain D-carnitine). The Carnipure™ logo is a guarantee of proven origin and uncompromising quality of the product.

L-carnitine stimulates fat burning, even without physical exercise, and contributes to the effective weight reduction and control. After fats are burned, L-carnitine transports and exerts the unneeded substances from the body cells. Burned fats supply the human body with energy.

L-carnitine increases muscular endurance and postpones fatigue, which is particularly beneficial for people who practise sports or have active occupations. L-carnitine is proven to supply energy to the immune system cells and the heart. It is recommended for pregnant and nursing women, as well as for elderly people and vegetarians.

in 1 capsule

L-carnitine (Carnipure™)   300 mg
Additional ingredient: Stabilizers / emulsifiers:
glycerol, hypromellose, water, maltodextrin


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