The Specialists

Margarita Vitkina, MD
dietician, endocrinologist

Effect Exceeds Expectations

This product has been specifically developed for weight loss. The unique combination of two clinically proven effective ingredients - РinnoThin and CLA – reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism and restricts food intake, thus supporting the fast and easy slimming. Visislim LIGHT is a nutricosmetics product from liquid plant extracts inserted in a transparent capsule. Due to its liquid form, the product is quickly absorbed and releases its active ingredients - РinnoThin and CLA – in the gastrointestinal tract. The capsules are transparent, which makes content visible.

Intake of Visislim LIGHT 30-40 minutes before meals suppresses appetite and gives a feeling of satiety. This is due to the РinnoThin which reduces the feeling of hunger, thus limiting excessive calorie intake. The other active ingredient – CLA – suppresses absorption of fats in the fat cells, stimulates degradation of fats, transforms fats into energy, reduces fatigue and keeps the human body young and energized. CLA increases metabolism even while people rest and sleep.

I highly recommend this unique product to my patients – as the result of its intake is impressive. Excessive body fat is burned and overweight is reduced – especially in areas such as waist, hips and thighs. Visislim LIGHT allows people to keep their slim figures for a long period of time. This natural product is completely harmless and could be taken indefinitely. People can be sure that the effect will exceed their expectations.  Visislim LIGHT is recommended for both healthy people and people with comorbidities.

The Visislim products are developed in a way which allows them to be combined with each other. They are completely compatible and when combined, the effect of each one is improved. A combination of Visislim LIGHT, which suppresses appetite, and Visislim LINE, which greatly improves metabolism, works for faster and more efficient weight loss.