The Specialists

Margarita Vitkina, MD
dietician, endocrinologist

Better Result with Less Effort

This is the purest L-carnitine for firm and shapely body. Visislim FITNESS, which contains 100% pure liquid L-carnitine CarnipureTM by Lonza, Switzerland, is proven to be highly efficient in long-term body weight control. It speeds up fat burning, lowers the level of lipids in blood and suppresses fatigue. Moreover, Vitalsim FITNESS increases the efficiency of the muscles and improves muscle tone. The heart – the most important muscle with continuous performance in the human body – obtains 70% of its energy from fatty acids. This makes the L-carnitine in Visislim FITNESS an important nutrient for the heart energy supply. The ability of the human body to generate L-carnitine declines with age. Therefore, Visislim FITNES is very beneficial for the support of health, energy and strength of elderly people.

It is proven that the L-carnitine in liquid form is best absorbed by the human body. The regular liquid L-carnitine, however, oxidizes quickly and becomes inactive just within 3-4 days after its opening and first contact with the external environment. What makes Visislim FITNESS unique is that the liquid L-carnitine is inserted in a state-of-the-art gelatin capsule Licaps® with a nitrogen bubble. Licaps® does not oxidize, thus keeping the L-carnitine as pure and active as possible up until the moment of absorption.

Visislim FITNESS is a completely harmless product which helps in achieving a shapely body and keeps the results for a long period of time. It is mostly recommended for people who are physically active and want to have a firm and shapely body without excessive fat. Visislim FITNESS guarantees achievement of better result with less effort. The product is also suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases – as their physical capacity is limited, Visislim FITNESS supports the better work of the heart.

Visislim FITNESS has to be taken in the morning, at noon and in the early afternoon. It is not recommended that the product is taken in the evening or before bedtime, as the L-carnitine could increase physical activity and cause sleep disorders. Visislim FITNESS is a harmless substance and could be taken for a long period of time – for months, and even years – with no side effects or contraindications. L-carnitine is water-soluble and if overdosed, excessive substance is excreted through the kidneys – just like vitamins.

Visislim FITNESS could be successfully combined with the other Visislim products. A combination with Visislim LIGHT and Visislim LINE is very effective for a long-term weight loss.