The Specialists

Margarita Vitkina, MD
dietician and endocrinologist

A Promise of Beauty

It is now given by Visislim LINE – a new weight loss product, the creation of which is based on high quality and guaranteed effect. We have asked Mrs. Margarita Vitkina, M.D., dietician and endocrinologist, to tell us more about it and its action.

“In early spring every woman looks in the mirror, says to herself: “I need to lose weight…”, and desperately starts to look for the best way for that”. With these words Dr. Vitkina started the conversation, and continued: “Most people decide to use products which “promise” fast and easy weight reduction. Visislim LINE is different. I can definitely say that it is the best slimming product so far.”

Why? What distinguishes it from the other products?
Most of all – the fact that it makes realistic promises. Visislim LINE’s absorption is very high. The first reason for that are the ingredients in the form of liquid extracts which are 100% absorbed – unlike the ones that are in the form of dry substance. Secondly, the hermetically sealed capsule if of the best quality known worldwide so far. As a result, the substances, contained in it, are absorbed by the human body at the right time and phase of the absorption of substances. This is the most important condition for the effectiveness of the product. Despite the fact that Visislim LINE is not a medication, it features similar quality – most of all, due to the strict control of the manufacturing process.

What are the ingredients of the product?
Its composition includes essential fatty acids and microelements such as chrome, but it mostly comprises of liquid herbal extracts of green tea, caffeine and guarana. All of them are beneficial to the human body and have slimming effect. The perfect balance of the ingredients of Visislim LINE is what distinguishes it from the similar products on the market. The microelements are dosed in a way which does not allow them to be accumulated in the human body. This also prevents exceeding of the prescribed limits.  Visislim LINE does not contain vitamins, which allows people to take it for a long period of time without a risk of hypervitaminosis.

Your opinion on the product is based on your professional expertise. What is most impressive about it?
The precise dosage of the chrome. And I will tell you why. During the last few years, microelements have been widely discussed in our field. No one, however, managed to determine an upper limit in their intake through dietary supplements. According to the scientific literature, chrome is beneficial to insulin synthesis, obesity and other metabolism disorders. Lately, however, some leading American specialists have published their scientific opinions, according to which the upper limit of chrome intake is 1 gram daily. After reading them, I checked the ingredients of Visislim LINE and found out that chrome in one capsule is 25 µg. This means that if the prescribed on the package daily dose – 3 capsules daily – is kept, the upper limit will not be exceeded. In my opinion, this is a proof that this product was developed by the best specialists, which have applied this very important requirement in practice – as most weight loss products abuse the chromium content.

Which company has developed Visislim LINE?
The Visislim products are produced in France, as per the patented LICAPS™ technology, by Capsugel, and meet all European quality requirements. Currently, Capsugel is a world leader in encapsulation of medications and dietary supplements – with more than 50 % share of the market worldwide.

How should the product be taken?
It is good to take Visislim LINE on an empty stomach, before meals – three times daily, as indicated on the package. The product does not contain harmful substances and all its ingredients are perfectly balanced, so it is not necessary to interrupt its intake. Moreover, it contains only natural substances without side effects. This means that it could be taken along with medications. Although there are no contraindications, I recommend that pregnant and nursing women not take Visislim LINE.

What effect can we expect?
Visislim LINE naturally improves metabolism – by reducing body fat and speeding the slimming process. It successfully copes with first and second degree obesity – the most common ones. One of the best features of the product is that with its help people lose weight in fat – not in muscle tissue – as part of its ingredients support metabolism. Of course, if you want to achieve the best results – combine Visislim LINE with sport and balanced diet.