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M.Sc. Vanya Alexandrova
Eastern medicine

Lose Weight with Pleasure!

Slimming has become a pleasure – with Visislim LINE! The product has been included in comprehensive weight management programs, developed by M.Sc. Vanya Alexandrova – a doctor of Eastern medicine with over 20 years of experience in fight against obesity. She will now tell why Visislim LINE has become her best partner in weight reduction.

In order to be efficient, slimming has to be pleasant and not to lead to body exhaustion. Appetite suppression is the first step in every slimming program. In my experience, I have learned that this is very hard, especially for people with busy daily routines. Visislim LINE, however, is here to help – it brings comfort and calmness to weight reduction. By taking it according to the instruction, people do not feel tense and uneasy, and do not have ravenous appetite. On the contrary – they feel ease when passing from one state to another. The second advantage of the product is that it is energizing. As an acupuncture practitioner, I can say that with regards to energy, there are two distinct phases – energy input and energy withdrawal. When people stop eating, no matter how healthy that is, they go to a state of energy withdrawal. As a result, they start feeling weak, lifeless, deprived of strength and energy, thus becoming unable to live and work normally. All that creates a state of discomfort, that’s why we, the specialists, look for lighter forms of sliming, which are pleasant and effective at the same time. The third advantage of Visislim LINE is that by its energizing effect it improves the moves of all energy meridians, creating the good look for which we all strive. As a result of all these advantages, I decided that this is my best ally in the fight against overweight.

We all need to be aware of the fact that there is no magic product, with the help of which we can loose weight while watching TV on the couch. Visislim LINE could regulate metabolism, strengthen energy, suppress ravenous appetite and energize, but best results could expect those who combine it with sport, gymnastics, other types of motion, increased water intake and reduced feeding. You cannot become slim neither in one nor in ten days – the process is quite long. It requires perseverance – that’s why it is good to take Visislim LINE for at least three months – three times each day – as per the instruction. Modern people want to lose weight and look good without being hungry and feeling weak. This could be achieved – with the help of Visislim LINE as a part of an overall program.

Excessive weight is a serious problem – in order to fight it, I have developed slimming programs, accessible for everyone willing to regulate body weight in a healthy way. Eastern medicine is based on energy. It influences the move of the energy meridians. If there is a standstill, excessive or insufficient energy, you will certainly have problems with the given body part. It will be hard for you to fight the floppy belly or the cellulite without passability of the energy move. The programs I develop are based on the iris diagnostics which I do. With it, and with the help of other methods, I determine which organ of the human body has excess or lack of energy. After that I apply individual acupuncture treatment, with the help of which I recover the inner balance of the human body. I have always wanted to include a high quality product which could support transition through the different slimming phases in my programs. I have now found it – Visislim LINE. It has become an inseparable part of the whole weight reduction process, including diagnosis and treatment of the problem that has caused overweight. As soon as I find out the reason and start treating it, I highly recommend the use of this product. It supplies more energy to the body, increases metabolism, thus ensuring gradual slimming – without yo-yo effect. Therefore, the programs I develop guarantee long-term slimming effect. They are aimed at treating and curing the problem that has led to overweight, while the use of Visislim LINE makes slimming a pleasure. This is the best product on the Bulgarian market – with no analogue in high quality guarantee, as it is manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical company – Capsugel. The products similar to Visislim LINE have only partial action. Many of them are herb-based but are not liquid – which prevents them for being as effective as Visislim LINE. Everyone that has decided to try it, however, needs to know that for better results it is recommended to take Visislim LINE along with increased physical activity.