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Anastas Stoykov, MD
Cardiology medicine

A double omega-3 formula for a healthy heart

The fish oil beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system has been known for a long time to both, doctors and ordinary people. The impact of it is explained by the availability of essential polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids in it. However, a little known fact is that the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil are in the form of compounds (triglycerides), which the human body absorbs slower and with more difficulties. For the patient it means that, no matter they intake a product with fish oil, they might not be able to fully absorb the available in the product omega-3 acids.

Exactly this little known disadvantage, which however is very important for the good end effect, is eliminated in the new product Visilife Omega. The Visilife Omega formula contains double omega-3 amount – to the big amount of fish oil an oil of Antarctic shrimp-like organisms (krill) is added. The krill oil is unique in its kind – it is in the form of phospholipids, the same as the omega-3 acids are in the human body. Due to this identity the krill oil is very quickly and fully absorbable in the body, which is a prerequisite for great results. The addition of krill in the Visilife Omega formula works as a catalyst, which accelerates the manifestation of omega-3 acids beneficial effects to the health. Thus Visilife Omega provides an initial rapid effect, due to the krill oil, and a slowed down and prolonged effect, due to the fish oil. This makes the product unique in its class, not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide as well.

The effects of Visilife Omega on the cardiovascular health manifest in cholesterol serum and triglycerides levels decreasing and in improving the process of its synthesis in the body. Thus the process of atherosclerotic plaques formation in the body and associated complications – such as arterial vessels clogging slows down. In such a way Visilife Omega helps to avoid serious complications, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral vascular disease etc., which threaten the patient’s life.

I recommend Visilife Omega as a very important product, especially for people with high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, for diabetics and smokers, as well as for those with obesity, because these are at risk of early cardiovascular complications onset. It is proven that the cholesterol reduction and the cardiac function amendment at people of these groups, leads to a significant change in their risk profile.

With lighter abnormalities in cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood Visilife Omega can be taken on it’s own. At more severe cases Visilife Omega can be combined with the medical drugs intake (statins, fibrates), prescribed by the attending cardiologist. The recommended daily dosage of Visilife Omega is 3 capsules a day, regardless of whether taken on it’s own or in a combination with medicines.