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Buy only products with proven origin

How to Recognize the Safe Products

Mr. Plamen Taushanov, Attorney at Law, is the chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Patients’ Defense. In his practice he has dealt with a lot of cases connected with presumed medical errors or negligence, as well as violations of patients’ rights by institutions, companies or governmental organizations. In 2010 BAPD was recognized as the official national patients’ organization in Bulgaria. BAPD is a member of many international patients’ organizations. On its website – – BAPD has shared useful information for patients who need to file complaints to different institutions in order to protect their rights.
Due to Mr. Taushanov’s substantial experience in healthcare and patients’ rights protection, we asked him about his opinion on how to recognize the safe products on the Bulgarian dietary supplements market.

Hello, Mr. Taushanov! Have you been updated with the latest trends on the dietary supplements market in Bulgaria?
Hello. Yes, certainly. Everything concerning the Bulgarians as patients or consumers of goods, directly related to their health, is part of the main activity of BAPD.

Is there an easy way to choose the best products on the market?
There are some very important things that we need to check before buying a product.
1. The proven origin is most important. People have to choose only products which are manufactured by producers with a proven track record. They need to check whether the manufacturing company is stated on the package. A list of the ingredients is not enough – the producer has to be known. Descriptions such as “The world famous syrup of Japanese thorn” without a stated manufacturing company have to be alarming for the consumers and make them consider their possible purchase very carefully.
2. Check whether the product has certificates of quality and origin. The companies, that have such documents, upload them on their websites. For them this is a matter of prestige, and for the customers – a proof that the products are safe and of good quality (made of high-grade ingredients).

Are you aware of products on the Bulgarian market that meet all these criteria?
Despite the fact that Bulgaria is an Eastern-European country, there still are high quality products that meet all requirements. The Visislim products are a very good example of guaranteed high quality and proven origin.