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Garo Alboyadzhian, MD

Visislim Products Protect the Stomach

Until now every medicine or a dietary supplement taken orally (through the mouth) are offered on the market in only two forms – tablets and capsules with powder content inside. It is known that these forms for serving the beneficial content can cause serious problems in the gastro-intestinal tract. This occurs because for them, it is as a “front door” to the organism. Once entered the stomach, the products in tablet form or in powder form have a ton of side effects over the gastro-intestinal tract – they change its motility and the secreting activity of the stomach. They irritate the mucous membranes, bile and liver directly or with additionally released metabolites and secondary formed complexes.

In this sense the technology LICAPS™ that is used in manufacturing the Visislim products, is a revolutionary step in the direction of protecting the stomach and the intestines. So for example, for the contents of a product in tablet or powder form to be turned in actively working substances, they must undergo further metabolizing. What is resulting is that poorly absorbable complexes can be formed, which irritate the gastro-intestinal tract and harden the liver function. The ingredients of the Visislim products in LICAPS™ are delivered in the organism directly in active liquid condition and are released quickly. This way all the side effects, observed in tablet and powder form are avoided.

On the other hand for the tablet forms to stay stable, they carry additional excipients, buffer substances, colorants and stabilizers which by themselves or in combination can additionally damage the stomach membrane. The advantage of Visislim products manufactured using LICAPS™ is that they do not need any additional excipients. This eases their absorption from the stomach membrane and protects it from the presence of unwanted irritating ingredients or secondary formed complexes.

Visislim products in LICAPS™ have one huge plus in protecting the stomach and these are the unique technological properties during their manufacturing. Every LICAPS™ product is produced with entirely natural ingredients, sealed using a special way which does not allow reaction of the ingredients with the environment. In the LICAPS™ capsules there is a nitric bubble that improves the stability of the invested substances and restricts unwanted auxiliary interactions between them. The bubble stops the formation of peroxides and free radicals and restricts the deterioration of the ingredients. The nitric bubble facilitates the faster release of the contents from the capsules.

After the release of the active substance from the capsule and its absorption in the organism its direct transport to the targeted tissues and fluids in the body begins. There its reply is formed, i.e. the product’s effect. This allows for the desired effects to be reached with smaller doses of the ingredients, which by itself leads to less side effects over the digestive system. The faster absorption reduces the idle time of the products in the stomach, which basically does not allow for any irritating stomach effects to be expressed. The Visislim products in LICAPS™ are easily swallowed and have a better (smoother) movement through the gastro-intestinal tract, which do not change its motility and correspondingly reduces irritation and eases absorption.

All of these advantages of the LICAPS™ products make the Visislim products especially good for use in people with gastro-intestinal problems.