The Specialists

Nadya Tosheva, MD

Visislim BEAUTY – the Most Effective Product

It is well known that skin, hair and nail are mirrors of the internal organs of a person’s body. Therefore, when they are  in good condition,  it is most likely the person to be strong and healthy.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is constantly subjected to the harmful impacts of the environment – wind, sun, extremely high and very low temperatures - they all damage it – one way or another. Other causes of unhealthy and bad looking skin, hair and nails are ageing, smoking, unhealthy diet, intake of some medicines and the like. All these factors cause reduced hydration and worsen the nourishment of skin, hair and nails.
Therefore, if you want to have lustrous hair, glowing skin and strong nails, you need to take dietary supplements which support their structure. Visislim BEAUTY is an exceptionally effective product for hair, skin and nails nourishment. It has two remarkable advantages that contribute to achieving fast and long-lasting results.

Visislim BEAUTY features unique ingredients, some of which are plant oils, vitamins and antioxidants. It is based only on natural products – borage oil, evening primrose oil, wheat, vitamins A and D3, selenium and antioxidants. The effectiveness of all ingredients is clinically proven. By strengthening the bonds between the scalp and the hair roots Visislim BEAUTY prevents hair loss and dandruff. The product initiates the regeneration of new skin  cells, thus improving the skin structure. Visislim BEAUTY improves the skin hydration an has anti-ageing effect. It maintains sufficient blood flow to the scalp, and by improving the function of keratin and collagen ensures healthy and steadily growing hair and nails.

Visislim BEAUTY is produced by Capsugel, France as per the unique LICAPS™ technology – the second great advantage of the product. LICAPS™ allows insertion and sealing of liquid extracts in hard gelatin capsules with no chemical or heat treatment of substances. This is a guarantee that all ingredients are fresh, pure, highly effective and GMO-free. Clinical studies have proven that products based on liquid formulas are absorbed in the human body a lot faster and more effective than the products in powder form – such as tablets. The effective absorption of the ingredients guarantees maximum results. Due to the LICAPS™ technology the biological qualities of all ingredients of Visislim BEAUTY are preserved, thus improving its effectiveness.

As a result of  the unique ingredients and the innovative sealing technology, I can definitely conclude that Visislim BEAUTY is far superior to all similar products on the market. The product is number one in quality, effectiveness and quick action. It helps people have strong and good looking hair, nails and skin all year round. I highly recommend it to people suffering from dehydrated and devitalized skin, damaged and week hair, hair loss, dandruff, and soft and breaking nails. In my opinion, everyone who wants to have shining hair, good looking and fresh skin and hard nails should take Visislim BEAUTY. The product is recommended for both men and women.
For maximum results in the anti-ageing therapy Visislim BEAUTY could be combined with Visilife Health. The action of Visislim BEAUTY is stronger in a combination with Live Vitamins – a unique multivitamin complex.