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What to Do After Christmas Overeating

People tend to overeat at Christmas and New Year’s

Bulgarians tend to overeat at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and this seriously affects their weight. With regards to that problem, we looked for a specialist’s opinion. Mrs. Margarita Vitkina, M.D., dietician and endocrinologist, shared with us a few tips for managing the quickly gained few pounds.

Hello, Dr. Vitkina! Is it true that weight is gained at holidays?
Hello! Yes, mostly as a result of the tradition to have a wide variety of dishes at the Christmas table – as this is believed to bring abundance to the following year.

What are the consequences?
After overeating, very often our working capacity and focus skills are limited, we are sleepy, unwilling to do physical exercise, and as a result we gain weight. Unfortunately, this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health issue.

Is it true that recently gained pounds are easier to lose?
Yes, there is a so called “metabolic memory” – the sooner measures are taken, the easier and more effective weight loss is. The longer people wait, the harder it will be to lose those extra pounds.

As a dietician, what would you recommend?
Start your slimming diet today – not next week. It is necessary to eat vegetables, not to have more than 300 grams of fruits and to drink around 2-3 liters of liquids. It is good to exercise.

Is that enough?
No, these measures will not solve the problem. In order to guarantee healthy weight loss, for two years now I have been prescribing the natural Visislim products. Visislim LIGHT is highly effective in weight loss. Its action is double – it suppresses appetite and burns fats at the same time – even when physical exercise is limited. The other product is very beneficial for metabolic problems. Its action is focused on the problem zones – it removes fats from them. It even supports cellulite reduction.
These products facilitate weight loss in a natural way and support the human body during the process of weight reduction. The combination of Visislim LIGHT and Visislim LINE guarantees effective slimming. It acts, so to speak, “on all fronts”.

There are many products in the market – why choose Visislim?
Well, while we lose weight, we should not forget about our good health. I trust all Visislim products because their ingredients are completely natural – liquid natural oils in gelatin capsules. This guarantees fast absorption with no gastrointestinal tract irritations. Visislim products could be taken by people with comorbidities, as they are harmless and have no side effects. People with chronic diseases, however, should consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program.

I wish everybody best of luck and good health in 2012!

Dr. Margarita Vitkina, dietician