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A New Technology Puts an End to Dieting

In order to look attractive, modern men and women subject themselves to severe dieting and even hunger. Peptic ulcers and stomach discomfort, however, come sooner than expected.

Healthy Slimming is Now Possible
How? The French company “Capsugel” has developed a unique technology, which is used for manufacturing of nutricosmetics products for weight loss, health strengthening and attractive outer look. It is not harmful to the human body and guarantees the four most important things for consumers’ health – neutrality of ingredients, quick action, high effectiveness and proven quality of the products.

The secret of the Licaps® technology is the encapsulation of natural liquid substances in hard gelatin capsules with no chemical or thermal processing. This guarantees that the ingredients are 100% pure, fresh, wholesome, and GMO free. Liquid ingredients are proven to absorb a lot easier in the human body and to provide much faster results. The most important fact about the products in Licaps® capsules is that they do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract – as opposed to chemically processed products.

Good News
Products, manufactured by Capsugel as pre the Licaps® patented technology, are now on the market. The most famous ones are manufactured for “Vitaslim Ltd.” and are sold under the brand name Visislim. Consumers are well aware of the three “slimming experts” – Visislim LIGHT, Visislim LINE, and Visislim FITNESS – they support controlled diet, metabolism and fat burning. The unique technology is used also in the production of “The best product of 2010” – Visislim HEALTH, as well as Visislim BEAUTY – the “expert” in rejuvenation and restoration of damaged skin, hair and nails.

Main Features of the Licaps® Technology

The Licaps® technology guarantees that the product ingredients are 100% pure, fresh, wholesome, and GMO free. Licaps® has no solvents and preservatives, while additives are substantially less than in powder tablets, for example. The capsules are made of high quality fish gelatin, and have no taste and smell.

The liquid ingredients in Licaps® are proven to be absorbed almost three times easier than tablets, and two times faster than the regular powder capsules. Licaps® are not only absorbed faster than the regular soft gelatin capsules, but also 32% better. The faster absorption contributes to more effective action and better results. The most important fact about the products in Licaps® capsules is that they do not irritate stomach – as opposed to other chemically processed products.

Licaps® are high quality reliable capsules manufactured as per a patented technology. They could be produced only by the French company Capsugel. Their vacuum sealing guarantees the consumers that ingredients of the products they buy and take are as good, fresh and beneficial as they were in the factory in France. The capsules could not be resealed and reopened, which makes change of ingredients impossible. The technology prevents ingredients from oxidizing and moisturizing, guarantees the high quality of the products, and keeps them fresh, wholesome and beneficial for the consumers.