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Why Do We Age?

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals and improve the
condition of body cells

Could we stop ageing? The question, that millions of people in the world ask themselves, has already been given a scientific answer.

How do we age?
Ageing is mainly caused by the free radicals which appear in the human body as a result of stress, poor diet and great physical exertion. They damage the body cells and reduce their ability to regenerate. As a result, the action of the proteins creatine and collagen worsens, and as time goes by, skin loses its luster, wrinkles appear, and hair and nails lose their shine.

What could we do about it?
Scientists are at the opinion that the most effective way to look young and fresh for as long as possible is to take antioxidants. They capture and eliminate free radicals, thus protecting body cells from damaging and keeping their reproductive functions. The healthy body cells are the key to looking younger for a long time.

It is no secret that the most powerful antioxidant is the omega-3 product Visilife Health, derived from ecologically clean antarctic krill. Due to its natural formula, which includes high doses of astaxanthin – a highly effective natural antioxidant, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, the antioxidant action of Visilife Health is 34 times more powerful than coenzyme Q10, 48 times more than fish oil and 300 times more than vitamin A and vitamin E separately.

A combination of Visilife Health and Visislim BEAUTY – a unique complex of plant oils, vitamins and antioxidants which recovers softness and luster of hair, strengthens nails and makes skin soft as silk, is an effective way to look young and fresh. Visislim BEAUTY recovers damaged hair and nails, as well as problematic skin, by nourishing them from within.

It reduces dandruff and hair loss, prevents breaking of nails, stimulates their growth, and supports skin elasticity.