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The World’s Purest L-carnitine

Visislim FITNESS contains extra pure L-carnitine
Carnipure by Lonza

Getting a firm and shapely body is now easier – thanks to a new, extra pure L-carnitine. The high quality product is part of the popular Visislim product line. It is manufactured for Vitaslim Ltd. by Capsugel, France, with L-carnitine made by the world leader – the Swiss company Lonza. On the market it is offered under the name Visislim FITNESS.

Visislim FITNESS contains 100% pure functionally active liquid L-carnitine for a firm and shapely body. It reduces weight quickly and effectively by stimulating fat burning and creating energy out of fats. The L-carnitine also supports excretion of toxins which are accumulated after fat burning. Visislim FITNESS increases endurance and reduces weakness and fatigue. It speeds up muscle recovery after physical exercise, contributes to the muscle toning and is the key to achieving the firm good looking body that everybody wants.

It is proven that liquid L-carnitine is easiest and most effectively absorbed in the human body. The regular liquid L-carnitine, however, oxidizes quickly after opening and loses its qualities in 3-4 days. Visislim FITNESS is unique with the state-of-the-art hermetically sealed hard gelatin capsules Licaps® in which L-carnitine is contained. Due to that technology the L-carnitine does not oxidize and each dose keeps its qualities until the moment of absorption in the human body.

Last but not least, the L-carnitine in Visislim FITNESS is not extracted from meat, which makes it suitable for vegetarians. For even better results, Visislim FITNESS could be successfully combined with all other Visislim products.