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Do You Know What Synergy Is?

The winning formula for slimming is 1 + 1 = 3

A “synergy approach” to problem solving has become very popular lately. Have you ever asked yourself what that really means?

Synergy means joint action of several things, the result of which is greater than the one of their action as separate entities. The winning formula is 1 + 1 = 3.

The same formula has been used by Visislim in the development of three slimming products – Visislim LIGHT, Visislim LINE and Visislim FITNESS. You might find it hard to believe, but that is really the case. The combination of those three products is the synergy approach to reaching the goal – losing weight. They guarantee action on “three major fronts”, working for solving the overweight problem by turning it to 360°.

Which are the three fronts? These are feeding, fat burning and body shaping. Visislim LIGHT regulates feeding and calories, thus ensuring that calories taken are less than calories burnt during the day. Visislim LINE improves metabolism, supports fat burning – especially in problem zones – and effectively fights cellulite. Visislim FITNESS contains extra pure L-carnitine for a shapely body. The combination of these products works for maximum slimming effect and shapely body.

It is not necessary to combine these three products. The only condition for achieving maximum results by taking each one of them is to choose the right product. When making a choice, you need to consider your daily routine – feeding, physical exercise - as well as the action of the product. If you choose the synergy approach, it is important to know that products have to be combined – not taken one after another.