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Doctors: Natural Products Really Work

Ivan Stoynov, MD lowered his
cholesterol with the help
of Visilife Health

Doctors have been astounded by the new natural omega-3 product Visilife Health. They are impressed with the high effectiveness of the product which fights cholesterol in a natural way.

The qualities of the product have gained the physicians’ trust not only as specialists, but also as consumers. It appears that many of them prescribe it not only to patients, but also to themselves. One of them is Ivan Stoykov, MD from the town of Zlatitsa, who uses Visilife Health to lower his cholesterol. Here is what he said:

Two- three months ago I read about Visilife Health. It caught my interest and I decided to try it. Before I started taking it, I did tests of my cholesterol and triglycerides levels. My cholesterol was at the upper limit of normal, and my triglycerides were one unit above the norm. My blood pressure was 90/140.

I started taking the product according to the recommended daily intake. I was quite prejudiced about it – I was almost certain that there could be no effect whatsoever. That’s why I did blood tests after the first 20 days. I was amazed to find out that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels have changed. Due to that I continued taking Visilife Health – 1 capsule daily as a maintenance dose. In another 20 days I did the third test – my cholesterol and triglycerides were within the normal limits. Another thing that astounded me was my blood pressure – it has now become normal – from 70/110 to 80/120.

I now take 1 capsule daily and I feel great. I recommend the product to all people with the same problems as mine. I am even considering the option to prescribe Visilife Health to some of my patients – women with premenstrual syndrome.