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How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

Weight loss has a different rate for each person

When losing weight, we do not burn only fats. Studies have proven that when a man is on a slimming diet, the weight he loses consists of around 75% fats and 25% muscle tissue. A large part of the weight we loose could consist of water – as it constitutes 70% of the total body weight.
Slimming is not constant and does not occur at a steady rate. Different people lose weight in a different way. This is due to the fact that slimming depends on lots of factors such as baseline weight, diet, lifestyle, physical exercise, genetic predisposition, metabolism, stress level, etc. Weight loss is not only fat burning, and its actual rate is determined by different individual factors. It is extremely different, if not impossible, to give an exact answer to the question “how fast could I lose weight?”. There are, however, some general rules for maximum weight loss rate.

What Do We Lose Fastest?
Water is the substance which is lost fastest. You could lose staggering 20 kg for one week only, but bear in mind that this is very dangerous for your health. Pounds easily lost are pounds easily gained shortly afterwards – do not expect to keep the quickly reduced body weight for a long period of time.

How Much Fat Do We Burn?
A healthy adult could burn between 1 and 1.5 kg of fats for a week. Usually, that could be achieved only by extremely obese people. For example, a woman of an average weight of around 60 kg could lose no more than 0.5–0.6 kg of fats for one week.

Why Can’t We Lose Weight?
The human was body formed and developed during the prehistoric times, when hunger – not obesity – was the major threat. That’s why our bodies are not programmed to lose weight, but to survive. Actually, if you reduce calories significantly, your brain slows down metabolism and tries to keep the calories in every possible way. That is one of the main reasons why we lose weight much slower than we gain it.

Side Effects of Losing Weight too Fast
Loosing weight too fast, like, for example, after a surgery, could lead to unpleasant side effects. The two most common side effects are:
1. Sagging skin – if you lose weight too fast, skin does not have enough time to shrink to the new form of the body.
2. Gallstones – research has proven that people who lose a lot of weight extremely fast face greater risk of gallstones formation than those who lose weight slowly and gradually.

Loosing weight too fast usually is a result of drastic changes in our diet. It could hardly be surprising that fast slimming does not give the body enough time to get used to the novelties. As a result, even though our body weight changes, our mind approach to food and feeding remains the same. That’s why it is recommended slimming to be a continuous process. When you loose weight, you need to take measures for recovering the lost muscle tissue and by no means to allow dehydration of the body.