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How to Relieve Joint Pain

Physical activity improves joint

Joint pain is a problem for many people. It could be caused by different diseases, old injuries or old age. There are some activities which are highly recommendable for keeping the proper function of the musculoskeletal system.

Sports and Physical Activity
Experts recommend at least one hour of walking every day. Sports are also beneficial for people with joint problems. Swimming, biking and skiing strengthen the body muscles, improve metabolism of the inflamed joints and do not allow them to harden/stiffen. Excessive physical exertion, however, could lead to deterioration of joints and their cartilage. This could cause difficulties and discomfort in movement. Therefore, physical exercise should be consistent with the stamina and mobility of joints.

Balanced Diet
A balanced diet is very important for the proper functioning of joints. Dairy products, meat, fish and vegetables are beneficial for them. It is proven that joints need essential fatty acids – particularly omega-3. Their effect on health and locomotor system is highly positive. Pains and stiffness caused by joint inflammations and arthritis are substantially reduced. Foods such as walnuts, eggs, salmon and soya contain omega-3 fatty acids. In order to get the needed omega-3 acids from food, a man must eat fish and fish products at least 4-5 times a week. As our modern lifestyle prevents us from sticking to such a diet, we need to take additional omega-3 fatty acids – from dietary supplements. The regular intake of such products could prevent development of arthritis and some other diseases. Limiting tobacco, caffeine, excess salt and fat is also beneficial for the proper functioning of joints.